Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fresh greens no matter what the season.

I like fresh greens and try to use them every day. In winter season too.

Enjoy fresh greens at every meal no matter what the season. With AeroGrow's AeroGarden garden kit, it's easy to cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, edible flowers, and more in an energy-efficient, organic-based environment right in the kitchen.

Seven Reasons Gardeners Love the AeroGarden
1. Garden all year round
• Extends the growing season to 365 days a year
• No weeds, no pesticides, no mess
• No land? No problem. Perfect for gardeners in condos, high-rises, and apartments.

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Be your own farmer. It’s easy and inexpensive to grow your own potted herbs and flowes.